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Save Soil Foundation is a tech-enabled non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, expanding, and acting on the message delivered by various global initiatives aimed at saving soil. Our mission is to develop scalable technologies to restore the organic content within the world’s cultivable farmlands’ soil to at least 3% by 2050.

Behind that simple description, the SSF is hard to categorize. We are a combination of a tech company, cultural agency, and a “non-profit”.  Just as the Save Soil ecosystem requires new cultural initiatives and technology empowerment, it has given birth to new kinds of organizations. We are at the frontier of a new kind of organization embarking on the most ambitious engineering project mankind has ever taken – Save Soil Global AI Monitor

Our role is not to control or lead any Save Soil initiatives, nor are we the only organization supporting the critical success of this global goal. SSF is one part of a much larger ecosystem with the sole goal of ensuring food security for the coming decades.

Since the ecosystem evolves every day, it is important for the SSF to also keep learning and evolving to support the long-term growth and success of global goal of Save Soil. Over the course of this evolution, SSF has become more like a community of teams than a traditional organization.

Decentralized Autonomous Leadership

Decentralization is at the heart of our core values. We are a member-owned organization with no hierarchical leader. We strongly believe that it is only with decentralized effort the macro-level problems plaguing human society can be fixed. SSF is on the way to setting an example on climate change by saving the soil in the interest of food security.

SSF hopes this decentralized structure of operation will give birth to more of such organizations relieving humanity from a variety of macro issues – poverty, education, malnutrition, etc.

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