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Tech For Soil

We Develop And Scale Technologies To Restore
Our Planets Soil

52% of global Agricultural soils are degraded. Over 2 Billion people are affected from nutritional deficiencies. Connecting micro testing with the macro visualizations is the only way to solve this problem. We’re embarking on one of the most ambitious engineering projects mankind has ever taken, and aim to help contribute to restoring organic content to the global farmlands soil ecosystem to at least 3% by 2050.

Asked Questions

What does Save Soil Foundation do?

Save Soil Foundation is a tech-enabled non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, expanding, and acting on the message delivered by various global initiatives aimed at saving soil. Our mission is to develop scalable technologies to restore the organic content within the world’s cultivable farmlands’ soil to at least 3% by 2050.

What inspired the name of the Foundation?

The term “Save Soil” has been used by various organizations and prominent individuals in the past to raise awareness about the importance of soil conservation and restoration. This makes its nature to be of public domain.

Because soil belongs to everyone and saving it is a responsibility that passes from generation to generation, our foundation has adopted this cause as part of its branding.

How does SSF contribute to global cause of Save Soil?

We contribute to the global Save Soil cause independently through our Art For Soil and Tech For Soil initiatives.  It is important to note that our role is not to control or lead any initiative focused on saving soil, nor are we the only organization supporting the critical success of this global goal.

SSF is one part of a much larger ecosystem with the sole goal of ensuring food security for the coming decades.

How is Save Soil Foundation Funded?

The Foundation is funded through generous assistance from private donors and philanthropic efforts.

SSF, as an initiative, bears no legal relationship with any other organization or prominent individuals working towards or supporting the global goal of saving soil.

Empowering biggest ecological 

Change Through Art

ART For Soil

We Are Creating Culture Around Our Planet’s Soil

In a world where this vital source of life is often dismissed as mere dirt, we embark on an awe-inspiring journey to bring about a profound shift in people’s attitudes towards soil, our bodies, and our food. Our mission is to make soil cool and reintegrate it into pop culture and the minds of the young generation. Through the transformative power of art, gifs, and memes we strive to create a conscious change, igniting a deep appreciation for the incredible value that soil holds. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary quest to unlock the untapped potential of soil and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.


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