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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Chief Inclusive Officer

Open     Posted: 6 April 2023     Closing Date: 6 June 2022


About The Role


Save Soil Foundation (SSF) is seeking a Chief Inclusive Officer to join its team in the Netherlands. Our mission is to develop scalable technologies to restore the organic content within the world’s cultivable farmlands to at least 3% by 2050. A part of the solution is to design, develop, and deploy various decentralized visual systems through our partner technology to understand and improve the legacy of healthy organic content in our global soil ecosystem.

As the Chief Inclusive Officer, you will play a vital role in ensuring inclusivity towards the global cause of Save Soil is well preserved. You will be responsible for keeping a check that at no point in time, exclusive narratives around soil conservation are crafted and that the responsibility/right to Save Soil is equally distributed among everyone keeping it a collective people’s movement.

We are a rapidly growing organization that values inclusivity, diversity, and a passion for creating a Conscious Planet. Join our team, committed to working collaboratively to achieve our mission and make a positive impact on the world.


  • Develop and implement inclusive strategies to ensure that the global goal to Save Soil is accessible and relevant to all individuals, communities, and stakeholders, and at no point the right to participate in the “Save Soil” (people’s movement) is made exclusive to any party.
  • Lead efforts to ensure Branding and Trademark usage affecting the cause of Soil Conservation is kept consistent and in line with principles of global inclusive action. 
  • Advise the executive team on issues related to diversity, equality, and inclusivity and provide guidance on best practices to support SSF’s global mission
  • Serve as a spokesperson for Save Soil Foundation representing its values and promoting its mission to save soil through various means of technology thereby crafting a Conscious Planet. 
  • Build partnerships with external organizations and communities to enhance and collectively act on the global mission to Save Soil.
  • Participate in the development of various visual systems through patented partner technology to enhance organic content in our soil ecosystem, taking into account the diverse needs of all stakeholders.
  • Monitor and evaluate inclusivity metrics to track the impact of various initiatives to save soil and continuously improve inclusivity efforts.


  • Strong Leadership skills in a relevant field, such as social justice, diversity and inclusion, farming, food logistics, sustainability, or environmental science.
  • Proven experience in developing and implementing inclusive strategies in a professional or organizational context.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
  • Passion for the mission and values of crafting Conscious Planet movement by Saving our Soil and commitment to creating a sustainable future for all.
  • Experience in farming/food manufacturing & production will be highly valued.


European Union


Send us your talented resume at careers@savesoil.foundation. We believe in crafting an inclusive experience for our interview process. As part of the values we nourish you will be able to receive swift updates on your application from our team.  Thank you.

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