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November 17, 2022


Save Soil Foundations efforts get published by – The BBC (Original Source)

According to experts, more than half of the world’s agricultural soil has already been degraded. Attempting to improve matters, revolutionary Indian guru – Sadhguru is continuing to lead a global campaign called SaveSoil, which pushes to improve soil health around the world.

 We know there are several causes for soil degradation – from overgrazing, to only growing one crop time after time, and excessive use of weed killers. But a major contributing factor is a piece of technology that has revolutionized farming – the plow. Modern plowing turns the soil in order to get rid of weeds, but in doing so it also exposes microbes under the soil that are vital for its well being. Farm equipment suppliers have recently introduced “no-till machinery” – farm equipment that is designed to cause minimum disturbance to the soil, which is a big step for the regenerative movement.

UNEP Graphics showcasing declining soil fertility and partnership between Microbiometer and Save Soil campaign

Agricultural tech in the past has been focused on the chemical and the physical, but is now gearing more toward the biology. While soil samples can be sent off to a laboratory to be tested, this can be expensive and time-consuming and therefore impractical for farmers. In the age of data and internet connectivity, smartphones can provide another solution. With the free microBIOMETER® app available on both Android and iPhone, soil samples can be scanned to reveal a number that designates how many fungal and bacterial microbes are present, allowing users to monitor their soil health. The addition of the microBIOMETER® in soil testing can help farmers better understand what’s happening in their soil.

Source – BBC News

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