Save Soil Foundation opens its Headquarters in Netherlands on 21st March – Save Soil Day

March 21, 2023


Save Soil Foundation (SSF) is proud to announce the opening of its headquarters in the Netherlands on 21st March 2023, marking a historic moment in preserving our planet’s soil. 

Save Soil Day – March 21st
The opening of our headquarters in the Netherlands also coincides with “Save Soil Day“, recognized to be on March 21st by various national and international states, organizations, etc. celebrating the global goal to Save Soil. This goal aims to bring attention to the growing issue of soil degradation and desertification and mobilize people worldwide to take action to protect our planet’s soil health. We hope that with the opening of our new headquarters in the Netherlands, we will receive growing support for the cause. 

Why the Netherlands?
We choose the Netherlands for many strategic reasons, including the fact that Dutch land is home to many of the prominent tech-enabled non-profits. For example, The Ocean Cleanup is one of the most impactful environmental initiatives and has its home ground in the Netherlands. We believe that by opening our headquarters in the same location, we can further align ourselves with like-minded organizations and work together towards our shared goal of preserving our planet for future generations.

Ecology Of River Canals and Urban Economy Blending Seamlessly at  Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

We are excited to be a part of the thriving sustainability community in the Netherlands, and we believe that our presence here will help us to build relationships with other organizations, promote awareness of our cause, and leverage the latest technological advancements in the field of soil science.

Source – SSF Volunteers

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