Save Soil Movement – A Legacy That Lies Beyond Any Kind Of Exclusivity

December 5, 2023


On the wonderful occasion of World Soil Day – Dec 5, 2023, we are assuring supporters of the movement “Save Soil” movement that the campaign is beyond the limitation of exclusivity.

Save Soil Foundation (SSF) stands as a beacon of inclusivity, reinforcing the movement’s essence as a shared responsibility for all.  SSF as an independent initiative, started by volunteers of the movement serves as a living testament that the movement is not bound by ownership or exclusivity. Everyone, regardless of their background or affiliation, is welcome to participate and contribute to the cause.

 SSF encourages individuals to take the initiative and start their own campaigns under the umbrella of the Save Soil Movement. Individuals can leverage the movement’s logo, available in the public domain, to create a localized impact to spread awareness about soil extinction in their own creative ways.

Save Soil Movement Logo – Beacon Of Inclusive Global Climate Action

Inclusive action is what makes the Save Soil movement truly spectacular. It is the duty of every volunteer associated with the Save Soil movement to preserve its nature” – statement given by the core committee of SSF. 

A True People’s Movement
Many people across the world were so touched by the movement that they have made it their own. In their own unique ways, each of them is amplifying the Save Soil message. Download the Save Soil logo available in public domain from official campaign website under toolkit section here.


Source – SSF Volunteers

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